Banrai Jomthong Resort

only from Bangkok (Suwanaphum international Airport to resort )at Pakchong city.only 230 km.the center of activities as bike or camping ..the nature more green and the wind farm around ,the first reception area for relaxation and Restaurant ,as well as for farm can see teak wood tree surround and the small river and the big mountain near the fruit garden in our place .the resort clean and good sleep,more green and ozone,and good service and cheap price this is our policy.

There are both bungalows that accommodate up to 2 persons to 6 persons in a king size bed and queen sized bed, TV, WiFi, air-con, coffee/fridge and a bathroom with hot water. There are also larger rooms and adjoining rooms that accommodate 4-6 persons, which are set up kind of like a big cabin with separate entrances and a few of the rooms share an interior door for larger parties. There’s a restaurant and a very small but quaint bar/cafe , which is open all day and

offers a wide variety of western-familiar spirits (vodka, whisk(e)y, gin, rum, cognacs, beer, wine, etc.) and a western bartender who is business of the place . it will be a real pleasure to just relax and sit and talk after hiking around,